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Cloudy's Ice creams

Project Description: This project involved designing packaging for an ice cream brand. The goal was to create high-quality, friendly designs with a vibrant and bright color palette in an illustrative style. 


Visual Identity

  • Bright and playful color palette

  • Summery vibe with shades of yellow, orange, and red

  • Cardboard box with detachable lid for easy access

  • Playful and whimsical design captures essence of product

  • Visually appealing and enticing for potential customers









Nut Mania : Chocolate Spread 

Project Description: The aim of this project was to design a visually appealing and engaging packaging for a new chocolate spread product. The packaging should reflect the premium quality and rich taste of the product while also appealing to a wide target audience. The packaging design should be creative, innovative, and unique, setting the product apart from competitors on the shelf.

Visual Identity

  • Color palette: Light mustard yellow dominates with dark brown and white accents.

  • Typography: Bold and playful font for "Nut Mania!" and simple font for other text.

  • Imagery: Hazelnuts flying around the product name and an image of the chocolate spread.

  • Overall design: Playful and eye-catching design with a focus on the nutty flavor, bold typography, and warm and inviting color palette.







Portfolio Akanksha M_17.bmp

Chocolate Bar Design 

Project Description: The aim of this project was to

create a visually appealing packaging design for a line of artisanal compound bars that showcases the quality and uniqueness of the product.

Target Audience: Chocolate lovers and gourmet food enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality, artisanal products.

Visual Identity

  • Color palette: Rich browns and silver with accents of white, adding a touch of luxury with metallic feel.

  • Typography: Sans-serif fonts, adding elegance and uniqueness.

  • Imagery: Simple and elegant graphic elements of a stylized cocoa bean highlight artisanal and handcrafted nature of the product.

  • Texture: Textured paper or raised embossed finish for a premium, tactile feel.








Portfolio Akanksha M_20.bmp

Crunch Bar Design

Project Description: The aim of this project was to

create a minimal but impactful packaging design to highlight the "crunch" factor of the product. 

Target Audience : Anyone with a sweet tooth 

Visual Identity

  • Color palette: Playful pink and light skin tone dominate the color scheme, with dark brown and white accents for richness and sophistication. Pink adds youthfulness, while brown adds a touch of luxury.

  • Typography: Bold, modern sans-serif font for the product name and flavor description. Bold font creates energy and excitement.

  • Imagery: Simple graphic element on front, featuring bold font and playful pattern of written text, emphasizing the product's fun nature.

  • Texture: Smooth, glossy finish adds a sleek and modern feel, enhancing the product's energetic and playful vibe.







Portfolio Akanksha M_39.jpg

Seasoning Bottle Design 

Project Description: The aim of this project was to design a line of seasoning products. The design had to be minimalistic but descriptive of the nature of the product with a fun and quirky vibe. The project also aims to design a line of gourmet seasoning bottles for a high-end approach. The seasoning bottles will be marketed towards home cooks and professional chefs who are passionate about cooking with high-quality, flavorful ingredients.

Visual Identity

  • Color Palette : A bold and vibrant color palette dominated by shades of green, black, brown, orange, and red. Green is the primary color, giving a natural and fresh feel to the design, while black adds sophistication.

  • Flavors : Eight different flavors, including BBQ, Peri Peri, Pizza, Pasta, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, and Chili Flakes. Each flavor is represented by a unique color, creating a cohesive visual identity for the line.

  • Typography : Simple and clean sans-serif font for easy readability. Bold lettering for the product name and smaller font for the flavor description creates hierarchy and directs attention.

  • Imagery : Graphic elements of the respective herb or spice on the front of the packaging. White space creates a clean and uncluttered look, allowing the product to stand out on the shelf.

  • Texture : The use of a matte finish adds a tactile element to the packaging, giving a sense of groundedness and naturalness to the design.

  • Note: This packaging design effectively conveys the fresh and natural qualities of the product while providing a visually appealing and easily identifiable product to the consumer.







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