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Ice Creams

Website and branding for Cloudy's Ice creams, an Ice-cream brand.


Project Background

Cloudy’s Ice cream

Speciality light ice cream targeted towards consumers who wish to eat light, fluffy yet indulgent ice cream. 

About Cloudy

Cloudy’s Ice cream is an ice cream brand targeted at people with a sweet tooth who wish to indulge in delicious ice creams without compromising on their health and fitness regime. Cloudy’s ice cream makes guilt-free, light and delicious ice creams and sorbets, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Target Market


Young adults and millennials:

The modern and trendy packaging design of Cloudy's ice cream, along with its unique and playful flavors, could appeal to young adults and millennials who are looking for new and exciting food experiences.

family with children.png

Families with children:

The fun and playful branding of Cloudy's ice cream, along with its light and fluffy texture, could also appeal to families with children who are looking for a tasty and enjoyable treat.

Health-conscious individuals:

Cloudy's light and fluffy ice cream could appeal to individuals who are health-conscious and looking for a guilt-free indulgence. The brand's focus on using high-quality ingredients and natural flavors could also attract this target audience.


Market Research

Cloudy's Ice cream's Key Competitors are : 


NOTO Ice Creams

Minus 30 Ice Creams

Location : Mumbai 

Product offering : Ice creams

Business Size : Medium

USP : Low Cal Ice creams

Location : New Delhi

Product offering : Ice creams and Gelato

Business Size : Medium

USP : Low Cal Ice creams and Gelato


The Brooklyn Creamery

Location : Mumbai 

Product offering : Ice creams

Business Size : Large

USP : Low Cal Ice creams and Keto

  • Overwhelming amount of products and choices displayed together

  • Generic Branding


  • Vibrant, straight forward website Wide range of products for every type of customer

  • Simple, clean, efficient website showcasing all the products in the company's catalogue efficiently Clutter free, minimalistic design



  • Offering online ordering and delivery options to cater to the growing trend of online shopping.

  • Creating a unique visual presence and brand identity 

  • Established customer base 

  • Brand loyalty towards established brands


Branding Strategy 


Brand Positioning

  • Premium, light and fluffy ice cream that stands out in the market with its unique flavor combinations and commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients

  • Appeals to health-conscious consumers who are looking for a guilt-free indulgence.


Brand Personality

  • Friendly, approachable personality that reflects its commitment to using natural ingredients and creating delicious, unique flavors.

  • It is a brand that consumers can trust and feel good about indulging in.


Brand Identity and Design

Cloudy's ice cream brand identity is characterized by a clean, modern design that reflects its premium quality and commitment to natural ingredients.

The logo is a stylized cloud and is designed to convey a sense of lightness and indulgence. The color palette is primarily blue and white, with accents of pink and purple to add a playful touch. The typography is modern and clean, with a sans-serif font that is easy to read and reflects the brand's approachability.

cloudy logo.png
mango mockup.png
raspberry mockup.png
strawberry mockup.png
mockup honey butter.png
chocolate mockup.png
vanilla mockup.png

Designing the Website 


MacBook Air - 13.png
MacBook Air - 11.png
MacBook Air - 14.png
MacBook Air - 10.png
MacBook Air - 15.png
MacBook Air - 16.png
MacBook Air - 17.png
MacBook Air - 18.png
MacBook Air - 12.png
MacBook Air - 8.png
MacBook Air - 6.png

Usability Study 

I conducted a usability study on the low-fi prototype to identify user pain points, to make the user experience smoother.

Iteration based on Insights 

Based on the theme that: for  all users, it’s not possible to cancel their orders

An insight is: Users need a clearly defined cancellation option












Based on the theme that:  some additional features are required in the website by the users to make their workflow smoother. 

An insight is: users need more features like order tracking, user account and cancellation in the website. 


Login (2).png
CAncel order.png
Sign up.png

Design System

Frame 73 (1).png


picture cloudy.png

User Flows

Order Products Flow

user flow shop now.png

User views

Find more about products
Shop Now

Cancel Orders Flow


order, click


log in sign up flow.png

Login/Sign Up Flow


Checkout Flow


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